Is There a Treatment Option to Improve the Prognosis of PKD

Is There a Treatment Option to Improve the Prognosis of PKDPKD is not a easy disease to treat, it can affect the quality of life and progress into renal failure. Well, is there a treatment option to enhance the prognosis of PKD?

First, we need to learn some basic knowledge of the disease. PKD is characterized by various fluid-filled cysts in kidneys, over time, these cysts will increase both in numbers and sizes, eventually, they will cause the decline of renal function, and patients will experience a series of signs and complications, such as headache, back pain, proteinuria, and so on.

Nowadays, the most commonly used method to treat PKD are surgery and dialysis. However, surgery will cause infection easily, once big cysts are cut off, smaller one will grow quickly, thus, patients have to bear great pain. In addition, dialysis really can relieve the symptoms to some extent, and meanwhile, it can also lead to a set of side effects, certain side effects may be more serious than PKD itself.

So, is there a treatment option to improve the prognosis of PKD?

In Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, there is an effective method called Medicined Bath. It is based on traditional herbal medicine and different from herbs. The Medicated Bath liquid is abstracted from various kinds of herbs. In this treatment, patients just need to have a whole body bath or feet bath. The effective constituents can be absorbed by kidney lesions through skin and channels, as we all know, skin is one of the biggest organs in body, it has the function of secretion and absorption.

After several courses, patients will have hot sweat, which indicates the blood circulation of the whole body has been improved. Some obvious changes can be seen, such as, edema is relieved noticeably, protein in urine can also be reduced. So, it can improve the prognosis of PKD. Anything doubts about the therapy? Send to:, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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