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Newly Diagnosed

When you are newly diagnosed with kidney disease, it is difficult for you to decide where to seek treatment. We provide a variety of resources for navigating this process as well as provide a caring and experienced environment in which to manage your treatment.

Step one: Understand Your Disease

The conventional treatment options for kidney disease mainly include medications which control symptoms like high blood pressure, swelling etc, and dialysis and kidney transplant for the people with advanced kidney disease. You may want to seek a second opinion from Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital pathologists before deciding when and where to seek treatment.

1. Get a full understanding of your disease

You should firstly know the type of your kidney disease, some important test levels including GFR, creatinine level, BUN level and other diseases related to your kidney diseases. Hence, you can have a full understanding of your overall condition and your disease.

2. Understand your treatment options

In the early stage of kidney disease, your doctors may tell you that there is no other better choice than controlling the symptoms of the kidney disease. They may tell you to wait for worsening of renal function until dialysis or kidney transplant is available.

In Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, the treatment options include Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, immunotherapy.

According to your type of kidney disease and renal damage, one or more than one treatment methods will be recommended to you. These therapies can stop the kidney disease progression and restore the impaired kidneys as well as regulate immune system. Therefore, they can treat kidney disease fundamentally and help you avoid dialysis or kidney transplant.

3. Why choose Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital

It is difficult for you to seek kidney disease treatment. We know you have many options. Here are some reasons why Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital.

* Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital is the one of the largest specialized kidney disease hospital worldwide.

*Access to novel therapies and technologies before most of the hospital in the world. Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital combines the essence of traditional Chinese medicine and the advanced western medicine technologies together perfectly forming its unique treatment methods in the world which are not available in other countries.

*China has the largest population in the world. We see more types of kidney diseases than any other hospitals in the world. Therefore, we have more clinical experience on the treatment of refractory kidney disease.

* Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital has its own research institute. We have a strong research program focused on developing new therapies for the patients with kidney disease.

*We build up the international center for providing service for the foreigners. Here the patients can enjoy the best service, one patient and one nurse. Also the professional translators can be good guide for them for daily activities.

* Highly experienced physicians.

Step two: Request an appointment

An appointment at Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital can be made by you, a family member. You can call our free hot line on the website or use one of the secure online forms. We will guide you through the appointment process and help you prepare your first visit.

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