Owen Holmes, Nephrotic Syndrome, Britian

NAME: Owen Holmes

COUNTRY: Britain

AGE: 24years old


DIAGNOSIS: Nephrotic Syndrome, Renal Anemia


Owen sought treatments from hospital because of his swelling eyelids. “A ray of light is all what I can see. The whole eyelids were serious puffed. ” as Owen put it, the illness condition was rather severe in the beginning.

He was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome in 2007 and then received treatments in local hospital. “The drugs my doctor prescribed worked, and my swelling subsided quickly.” Owen discharged from the hospital then.

Good time didn’t last long. Owen caught a cold shortly after the discharge and the disease made a comeback. The conventional drugs he used were no longer work anymore. The edema became more and more serious, and his cretinine elevated accordingly. (Scr: 10.1mg/dL). Owen’s doctor suggested him to dialysis or thought over the transplantation.

“At that time, I really I had no choice. So when I heard about this hospital, I decided to go.” said Owen.

START OF THE TREATMENT: November 15, 2007


Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 3 times/day, 45 min/time

Western medicines


“I was pissed off when I got there they told me I need dialysis first. I came here to avoid dialysis and you told me I need it! Then what’s the point of this journey?” Owen was shocked and furious about this suggestion at first. “The doctor comforted me and explained the necessity of dialysis making me step into the dialysis room in the end.”

“When I first lay down on the bed behind the dialyzer, I was scared to death. But after receiving dialysis, I felt good.” Just a few times of dialysis, the patient no longer need to receive dialysis. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy began to be used in his case. “I knew nothing about Chinese medicine before, in England.” Owen couldn’t stand the weird odor from the Micro-Chinese Medicine kits. “I felt weird and uncomfortable on the kits.” However, some significant improvements have been achieved. One of the most obvious improvements is his cretinine level was lowered down during the course of treatments.

After a month and half treatment, Owen’s creatinine decreased from 10.1mg/dL to 4.4mg/dL. Owen brought Micro-Chinese Medicine to England and kept on home remedying. Three months later he took tests and his Scr reduced to 2.8mg/dL. Seven months passed, Owen called and told us the Scr was 1.3mg/dL now. The patient took few dialyses in the beginning and shook it off since adopting our therapy.

Tips for Owen

You’d better keep your eye open for your daily diet. Low salt, high protein etc. is your best choice.

Avoiding flu and overstrain could help you stay away from the reoccurrence.

Any questions, do contact your doctor and ask for advices.

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