Mrs. Arroyo, Lupus Nephritis, Indonesia

lupus nephritisNAME: Mrs. Arroyo (anonymity)

COUNTRY: Indonesia

AGE: 32 years old

GENDER: Female

DIAGNOSIS: Lupus Nephritis, SLE


Mrs. Arroyo was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis in 2010 because lots of red spots appeared in her face and then spread to the whole body. Her illness condition was controlled after the patient hospitalized in local hospital. All the symptoms were gone. However, flu occurred and ruined everything, the disease came back again. Only with a more serious foamy urine, headache and illness condition, no positive treatments she could count on. The lady came across with the Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital (Huaxia Hospital) from the Internet. After contacting with customer service, she decided to give it a shot.



Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 3 times/day, 45 min/time

Plasma Exchange, 2 cycles


The patient lived with serious headache and failed to walk anymore. “I had to stay in bed all day long because my joints hurt!” said Mrs. Arroyo. The patient’s kidney function had been greatly affected by her SLE. Her urine was full of bubbles and suffered from fatigue from time to time. What’s worse, the patient experienced morning stiffness and as the lady herself put it, “life of quality? That’s nonsense to me.” The patient lost her appetite and ate less; she wasted away day by day and finally lost 10 pounds.

According to her illness condition, PE (plasma exchange) was recommended to the patient. Improvements began to show up after one cycle of the treatment. “This is because most of the immune complexes have been cleared out from human body by performing PE, this is one of the most effective approaches for lupus.” explained her attending doctor.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy was also adopted to dilate her blood vessels and speed up the blood circulation. “The red spots in my body and face began to subside. Oral cavity ulcer is cured and finally I regain my appetite and eat things.” Mrs. Arroyo got significantly improvements after her two cycles of plasma exchange were completed. The serum creatinine got back to normal, so did her GFR, which indicated her kidney function promoted accordingly.

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