Luke Stevens, Nephrotic Syndrome, Britain

NAME: Luke Stevens (anonymity)

COUNTRY: Britain

AGE: 6 years old


DIAGNOSIS: Nephrotic Syndrome


Luke experienced puffiness in eyelids and ankles after developed tonsillitis in 2006. Little Luke was sent to hospital and diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. Treatments were given and got improvements, and then Luke discharged. He adhered to hormone treatment after discharge, and finally stopped the medications one and half year later.

However, the swelling came back again in June 2009. His protein in urine was 3+ just like last onset. “I was so worried and took him to another hospital, but poor result we got.” Luke’s mum Daisy began, “the doctor told me children’s Nephrotic Syndrome is hard to cure, it would reoccur among all his life. I don’t want my son live in the disease all his life. So I have to do something.”

It was the reason that brought them all the way from Norwich to Zhengzhou, China.



Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 3 times/day, 45 min/time



Luke’s main problems are the swelling and decreased urine output. “The doctor explained to me that was because Luke leaked too much protein. It is called hypoproteinemia.” Daisy could name lots of medical terms since her son hospitalized in Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital. “Doctors and nurses here are kind, not only to Luke, but also to me. Chinese’s good.”

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy was recommended in line with the patient’s illness condition. “Micro- Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the most effective treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome across the world. It did treat lots of patients.”

“My little Luke began to get better after receiving the treatment here. First noticeable improvement is his urine output. It increased from 560ml, 780ml, 1350ml, and to1500ml after 8-day-treatment.” said Daisy. “Luke’s mum learns fast. She will ask you some medical terms and why the symptoms occur, questions like that.” Luke’s attending doctor told us.

Five days passed, Luke’s swelling subsided, which indicated that our treatment did work! The edema in Luke’s face was totally disappeared while the swelling in legs was gone on July 8, 2010. “Hormone medications do help treat the disease, but also pose some damages to one’s immune system. Hormones aren’t the first choice for us for treating this disease. Inversely, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can totally do the job with much better therapeutic effects and fewer side effects. ” explained by Dr. Liu to Daisy.

The little patient will adhere to our treatment at home after discharge. Wish all healthy!

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