Diana's Story

When Diana was 19 years old, she was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (PKD) during the investigation of high blood pressure. Because of PKD, she had a spontaneous abortion four years ago. “She likes children, but we cannot have one due to this disease.” Diana’s husband said.

In 2010, she found blood in her urine and her creatinine level rose to 2.0mg/dl. In fact her heart was full of fear. She got PKD from her mother. Unfortunately her mother passed away due to renal failure several years ago.

At that time, all the drugs she was taking are the medicines which only could remit her symptoms and keep a relatively good quality life, but no one can shrink her cysts. She determined to seek an effective treatment to shrink the size of cyst and hoped all the indexes could be normal after treatment.

Her family members and friends all helped her to look for a better therapy for PKD. Finally one of her friends recommended her to try Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital which has treated 1200 patients with PKD every year.

Treatment for Diana

“When she hospitalized in our hospital, her blood pressure was very high which was 220/150mmHg and the biggest one of her kidney cysts was 4.2cm. Besides, her creatinine was above the normal range. Her condition was bad and would aggravate if she did not receive an effective treatment.” her doctor said. “Immunotherapy was suitable for her to shrink the cysts with no pain, no surgery and no side effect. We made a therapeutic schedule for her in which the Chinese herbs ingredients were particularly useful for her. After a month treatment, the size of her biggest cyst size reduced to 2.6 cm and her high blood pressure could be controlled at about 120/80mmHg. What is more, her creatinine level returned normal.”

“I have a girl and I love her and my family.”

After she went to home, we sent her medicines and give her suggestions in order to bring to a better effect. Her condition was very good after several months’ treatment at home, so she stopped drugs with the direction of our experts. In April 2012 when our staff called her for follow-up, she told that she has a girl baby and her family is very happy.

We hope her life will be better and more splendid.


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