Li Xin, FSGS, China

NAME: Li Xin

COUNTRY: Shaanxi Province, China

AGE: 43 years old

GENDER: Female

DIAGNOSIS: Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), CKD 4 stage, Renal Hypertension, Renal Anemia


Mrs. Li suffered from intermittent swelling legs for five years. She also experienced fatigue as well as abnormal kidney function for 3 months. Her swelling legs appeared with no obvious incentives in 2007. No rash, no joint pains. Li Xin sought for treatment in local hospital and the report showed that her protein urine was 2+, while the occult blood was +. The doctor prescribed her some Chinese medicines and no improvement. Mrs. Li then went to a major hospital in Xi’an City in 2009. According to the renal biopsy, she was diagnosed with FSGS. The main treatment was hormone medications. No therapeutic effect appeared either.

“I came to a hospital specialized in treating kidney disease in Xi’an in August 2009, still no improvements after receiving three-month treatment. I was overwhelmingly depressed and really tired of that.” said Mrs. Li.

The illness condition developed progressively and the lady developed serious fatigue. It was then his serum creatinine was 3.3mg/dL. “This is my last shot. I thought if still no improvement here, then I will quit!”, and that’s how Li Xin came to Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital.

START OF TREATMENT: February 19, 2012


Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 3 time/day, 45 min/time



After Li Xin hospitalized in Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, she was received traditional Chinese medicine together with western medicines. The traditional Chinese medicine we used is called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy was to deal with kidney fibrosis, while the western medicines mainly focused on treating the symptoms such as fatigue and puffiness.

According with her unique condition, hemofiltration has been adopted to discharge the wastes and toxins building up in her body. The therapy is able to remove the immune complexes.

The fatigue had been greatly relieved, so as her swelling. She could walk as she like and no longer need to stand the poor appetite.

Records before Treatment (February 20, 2012):

Serum creatinine: 3.6mg/dL, urea nitrogen: 12.4mmol/L urea acid: 501umol/l, Bp: 130/90mmHg, protein urine: 2+, occult blood: +, morning urine proportion: 1.008, PH: 5.5, RBC52.40/ul, 24 hr total protein: 2.59g/24hrt, total protein: 58.6g/L, albumin: 35.4g/L, ALT: 5.1U/L, AST: 11.4U/L, hemoglobin: 92g/L

Records after Treatment (March 26, 2012):

Serum creatinine: 2.9mg/dL, urea nitrogen: 9.6mmol/L urea acid: 336umol/l, albumin: 45.6g/L

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