Batzori Odgerel, CRF, Mongolia

Batzori Odgerel, CRF, MongoliaNAME: Batzori Odgerel

COUNTRY: Mongolia

AGE: 54 years old

GENDER: Female

DIAGNOSIS: Chronic Renal Allograft dysfunction (CRF), Renal Anemia, Hyperuricemia, High blood pressure (High-risk)


Mrs. Odgerel is a sufferer of Chronic Renal Failure, “I fight against kidney disease for 36 years! I can’t imagine how I survived all those years.” said Odgerel.

It was her 18-year-old, Little Odgerel was tortured by high blood pressure when her peers were still obsessed with enjoying lives. She was found she had high blood pressure at one physical examination. “The doctor told me my blood pressure was higher than others, I still didn’t understand what he meant.” The highest level of her blood pressure was 220/120mmHg. What’s worse, Mrs. Odgerel’s kidneys were shrunken, and her serum creatinine reached up to 7.9mg/dL. It was then Mrs. Odgerel suffered from frequent urination and serious fatigue.

There was no effective approach for her illness condition except waiting for dialysis or kidney transplantation. “The horrible thing paid a visit to me anyway. With the progressive condition, I had to put my name on the waiting list. ” Fortunately, Mrs. Odgerel was lucky enough to receive the transplantation 14 years ago in 1998. “I thought I would free from kidney disease forever after receiving a new kidney.” said Odgerel with a pause, “But here I am, still living with same problem. This is really a nightmare for me.”

Mrs. Odgerel knew exactly her physical condition was, she could not take another surgery. She went to Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital for help in February 2012.

START OF THE TREATMENT: February 2, 2012


Stem Cell Therapy: three cycles of umbilical cord stem cells and two cycles of mesenchymal stem cells

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 3 times/day, 45 min/time



“I’ve been weak all those years, but it was Dr. Yang who told me this is caused by my renal anemia. They dealt the problem for me and now I experienced barely shortness of breath and no longer need to stand the weakness.” said Odgerel, and agreed with her Dr. Yang, her attending doctor.

“The blood pressure stabilized and the feeling of stiff legs has gone. My puffiness got relieved after receiving the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Great News is my serum creatinine lowered down to 3.3mg/dL after one-month treatment. This is amazing!” Mrs. Odgerel was pretty satisfied with the efforts and thanked the doctors and nurses again and again. “I was tortured by the disease for years. I went through so much tough things. That’s why I went abroad with no hesitation. I made the right call, and finally find an ideal place with perfect doctors. They treat me well, I do believe that. ”


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