Arikawe Mberekpe, CRF, Nigeria

Arikawe Mberekpe, CRF, NigeriaNAME: Arikawe Mberekpe

COUNTRY: Nigeria

Occupation: Politician

AGE: 50 years old


DIAGNOSIS: High blood pressure (High-risk), Chronic Renal Failure (CRF), liver disease


Arikawe lives with hypertension inheriting from his family for years. With medications controlling, his blood pressure fluctuated between 170/100mmHg to 180/110mmHg, the highest point was 220/120mmHg. “My high blood pressure was hard to control. The doctor told me. And I knew what hypertension would bring.” said Arikawe. His serious high blood pressure affected his vision and left him with unbearable headache and dizziness from time to time.

It seemed like doomed, Arikawe found he had foamy urine in 2005. “The bubble in my urine won’t disappear in a long time. I thought something’s wrong. After the checking report came out, the doctor told me I had Renal Failure caused by my high blood pressure.”

“No treatment except receiving dialysis and transplant. I know that clear. And I don’t want to wait until die.” It was 2007 and Arikawe came across with Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital in 2008. “I see they pubulish this hospital in the Internet, so I contacted with their customer service, Mr. Angus. Fortunately to me that I came here.”

Arikawe Mberekpe, CRF, NigeriaSTART OF THE TREATMENT: May 29, 2008


Stem Cell Therapy: three cycles of umbilical cord stem cells and two cycles of mesenchymal stem cells

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 3 times/day, 45 min/time



“The dizziness occurs like the high fever resulting from a serious flu. Sometimes it got better while sometimes worse. I couldn’t stand on my feet in my worst condition.”

The headache and dizziness have been greatly relieved after starting with the treatment. “Hemofiltration is necessary for the patient, because you know, his toxins building up in his body has already reached up to a very high level. We need to discharge them and create a favorable internal environment for not only stem cells but also Immunotherapy.”

“The service here are very good too, not just their treatments. You know it’s a long trip from my country to here, nineteen and half hours in total, from Kano to Cairo, from Cairo to Beijing and then to Zhengzhou. I am a little worried about that before the trip. They picked me up in the Beijing Airport. Their service made all those easier for me.”

“For my present, I wish that this kind of interview before when the first you see the condition is terribily bad. But you see now how I changed. It totally changed. So I thank for my Allah God, those people they treat me very well! I wish all of you good luck!” said Arikawe in the interview before he discharged on July 10, 2008.


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