Patients Story: Chronic Nephritis, Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease

Name: Nura

Gender: Male

Country: Nigeria

Diagnosis: Chronic Nephritis, stage 5 CKD

Hospital Stays: 5,19,2014-6.15,2014

Before he came to Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, he had received dialysis for a year, and he did dialysis three times a week. He presented severe breathless, poor quality of sleep, he could not sleep on the bed as other people, he needed to sleep at his desk. Before he began to do dialysis, the Creatinine level was 1500-1600. After dialysis, creatinine level was 700-800, hematocrystallin was 56g/l, blood pressure was 110-160, trioxypurine was 468, carbon dioxide was 13.8.

On July, 19, 2014, he came to Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, he received Hemofiltration, Blood Perfusion, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath and Enema. After these treatment, he just need to do dialysis twice a week, some obvious changes were seen, such as, the quality of sleep and poor appetite were relieved. The test showed, creatinine was about 500, blood pressure was 80-130, hematocrystallin was 88g/l, trioxypurine was 410 or so, carbon dioxide was 25.6. “As long as he continued to receive Chinese medicine treatment, the disease can be reversed”, doctors said. If you have interest in our therapies, contact us by email:, or leaving a message below.


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