Rudy, CKD-4 stage, Indonesia

NAME: Rudy

COUNTRY: Indonesia

AGE: 37 years old


DIAGNOSIS: CKD 4 stage, high blood pressure (high-risk)


Rudy found himself experienced swelling in his legs 15 months ago in May 2011. “I had to pee at night for several times.” said Rudy. He sought medical assistant in the hospital and found his kidneys were in different sizes. “I had high blood pressure, like 200/100mmHg, and Renal Failure.”

“My doctor told me I need a stent in my right ureter. And the surgery was performed soon after the diagnosis. My illness condition stabilized for no more than two month. Then the serum creatinine elevated again.”

Rudy’s father was involved in kidney disease caused by high blood pressure, “so does my wife. She received dialysis four years ago.” said the patient. One can tell how he was afraid of the disease because all these.

START OF TREATMENT: August 09, 2011


Stem Cell Therapy: two cycles of stem cells--umbilical cord stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells each

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 3 time/day, 45 min/time


Rudy and his mother came to Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital in 2011. “I know how terrible CKD is, so I sought for a reliable treatment all around the world. Lucky me, I met this hospital.”

Rudy was lucky and also wise. He didn’t wait until miss his best chance to treat the disease. “Doctors here are good experienced and responsible, they chalked me with a detailed treatment plan after several consultations.”

“Of course the first thought jumped into my mind is not China. I want to take treatment in America, Australia etc.” as Rudy put it in the interview. “Idea was corrected gradually as I got in touch with more hospitals and had to choose one.” Rudy finally chose us because he checked our success rate of Stem Cell Therapy and talked with the patients here. “No hospital provided me such detailed information about their therapies, especially stem cells. Besides, the service customer was very helpful and spared no effort to help me. ”

Rudy’s puffiness subsided after five-day treatment. His urine output increased and the annoying frequent urination at night got much better during the process of his one-month treatment. The improvements enabled the patient have a good sleep at night and more energetic.

“Equipments for dialysis seem like more advanced. I saw the famous dialyzer iQ21 in their blood purification center. My mum here accompanied with and supported me; all these made me hit the recovery road earlier.” said Rudy full of joy.


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