Yang Ming, Purpura Nephritis, China

NAME: Yang Ming

COUNTRY: Yunnan Province, China

AGE: 30 years old


DIAGNOSIS: Purpura Nephritis, End-stage Renal Failure (ESRF), Renal Anemia, Renal Hypertension


Mr. Yang experienced symmetry subcutaneous hemorrhage in his inner thigh after drinking in January 2005. No pruritus. The subcutaneous hemorrhage sprawled to the whole legs and abdomen. Yang Ming sought for treatment in the local hospital and got checking reports: protein in urine: 3+, occult blood: +, BP: 130/80mmHg. He was diagnosed with Purpura Nephritis. The doctor prescribed some medications to deal with his disease condition. The medications worked, and symptoms disappeared the next month. His serum creatinine, urine protein and other indexes came back to normal. So he stopped medications.

Symmetry subcutaneous hemorrhage showed up again in January 2008, same condition as before. Mr. Yang also suffered from vomiting, nausea, dizziness, and loss of appetite etc. He thought it was just flu and no big deal, so he took cold medications without seeing doctor. However, those annoying symptoms didn’t get better and also not went worse. This condition lasted until severe signs appeared on February 23, 2008. It was then he sought for medical assistant in local hospital. Lab reports showed that: serum creatinine: 9.2 mg/dL, Bp: 170/110mmHg, size of left kidney: 10.2×1.9cm, right kidney: 8.9×4.9cm. No further treatment but he was referred to one hospital in Yunnan. His serum creatinine soared to 10.6mg/dL in less than ten days and was diagnosed with ESRF. Medications were given and dialysis was started, three times per week. Yang Ming discharged one month later, but still on dialysis.



Stem Cell Therapy: two cycles of umbilical cord stem cells and two cycles of mesenchymal stem cells

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 3 times/day, 45 min/time


The biggest improvement was his serum creatinine reduced. What’s more, the interval of dialysis was prolonged, from the former three times a week shortened to three times two week. All the annoying symptoms were gone! With the aid of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Yang Ming had confidence that one day he will shake the dialysis off. His kidney function improved by receiving not only stem cells but also traditional Chinese medicine.

Lab reports before treatments:

Urine protein: 2+, urea nitrogen: 26.5mmol/L, serum creatinine: 10.9mg/dL, uric acid: 435μmol/L, protein in total: 57.82g/L, globin: 18.73g/L, white blood cell: 6.9×109/L, red blood cell: 3.23×1012/L, hemoglobin: 100g/L, platelet: 210×109/L,TG: 2.91mmol/L

Lab reports after treatments:

Serum creatinine: 6.0mg/dL, BP: 130/90mmHg, urine output: 1600ml


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