Amul Sinha's Story

Amul Sinha’s StoryNAME: Amul Sinha



DIAGNOSIS: Chronic Renal Failure, Renal Anemia


Amul was an excellent student in his college. He planned to find a job in New Delhi after completing his studies. However, things go contrary to his wishes, Amul took physical examination as he was a freshman and found massive protein in his urine in 2004. What’s worse, his serum creatinine was also higher than normal level.

“You know I don’t have much money, so I had to overlook the symptoms. And to be honest, I don’t quite understand what does that means, they just told me to check my kidneys.” Amul told us.

Amul didn’t see the doctor until 2005. “It was the third year of my college, I found I could stand the backache no longer, and then I went to a clinic.” Unfortunately, the clinic just prescribed him some medicines relieving his pains. “It didn’t work at all! And then I went to the hospital for a second opinion.”

It was then, in January 2006, Amul was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure. “Indian hospital, of course, is my first choice, because I really have no money.” Amul received little effect and his condition progressed even worse. “I got tons of support from my family, my friends, teachers and my college, and they chipped in for me making the treatment in China possible.”

START OF TREATMENT: August 18, 2006


Stem Cell Therapy: one rounds of umbilical cord stem cells, one round of mesenchymal stem cells


Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 3 times/day, 45min/time


“My creatinine was 10mg/dL (normal people: 0.8-1.4mg/dL) as I hospitalized. I read tons of materials about kidney disease and Renal Failure, so I knew creatinine is anything but a good sign. Lowering the creatinine level was all he thought about back then. “My doctor in this hospital told me lowering the creatinine should not be the ultimate goal but only secondary to the bigger picture.”

“Somehow, the creatinine did decrease after I took my first injection. My doctor told me it attributes to Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy because the stem cells still need some time to work in my body. But My swelling did disappear, this is a great progress!” the remarks took place on September 6, 2006.

“My creatinine is back to almost normal!” He spoke with excitement on September 28, 2006. “My condition is well controlled and it seems like the cells start to work in my body.”

Now, Amul was back to college. “I want to complete my study, and then find a job in New Delhi. I will be excellent and repay all those who helped me.” Amul Sinha wrote in the Email. All the best, Amul!


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