Tucker Bailey's Story

Tucker Bailey's StoryNAME: Tucker Bailey

COUNTRY: United States

AGE: 43 years old


DIAGNOSIS: Crescentic Glomerulonephritis, Chronic Renal Insufficiency (Chronic Renal Failure), Hypertensive Nephropathy Grade 3 (very-highest-risk), Renal Anemia


Tucker was a woodcutter in America. “I worked on this job for ten years.” Tucker began. “I am as strong as a horse before I got sick. You know? I don’t pay much attention to myself, so my disease seemed like burst all of a sudden.” Tucker had bleeding gums since 2010, as Tucker himself put it, “I thought it wasn’t a big deal. So I ate and slept just as usual.”

“The bleeding gums didn’t recover, but became more serious. The blood occurred even when I eat. It was gross. I didn’t have foul breath like forever, but then found I had one!”

Tucker’s vision was affected too, “I saw the woods and they were blurred, I thought maybe I need to check and figured out what’s going on.”

Tucker was shocked by his diagnosis. “Kidney failure? How would that happen?” Tucker described his first reaction after his doctor delivered this unbelievable message.


Hb: 113g/L, PRO: 2+, occult blood: +, BUN: 24.1mmol/L, TG2.62mmol/L, CHOL: 6.88mmol/L, urine total protein: 1800mg/L, MALB (microalbminurine): 1689mg/L, MALB/urine creatinine: 1888.67mg/g, urineα1 microglubin: 27.7mg/L, 24 hour urinary protein quantity: 1.51/24hr, Ccr: 7.64ml/min urinary microglobulin urinary microglob



Stem Cell Therapy: two rounds of umbilical cord stem cells, one round of mesenchymal stem cells

Immunotherapy together with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and western medicines


“Seems like some kind of psychological effects affect my feeling too. I felt extremely fatigue and weakness since I was informed the diagnosis. But my vision and bleeding gums did get worse.”

Tucker received dialysis just as his doctor told him. “It made me feel like I am a dead dog. The huge psychological gap made me suffering. I refused to talk with others for a long time.”

Tucker came to China for a better treatment because he didn’t want to live with dialysis for the rest of his life, and just as Tucker said, “I need to give myself one chance to fight, I owe me. Being a coward is anything but me.”

He did get what he wanted. His lost vision was regained and no deteriorated anymore; his bleeding gums were fixed after taking our treatments for a while. “I retrieve not only my physical power, but also my mental strength.” His anemia was corrected, his weakness and fatigue have greatly relieved.

Tucker discharged from Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital on June 9, 2012. He would adhere on our medical advices even after he left. And we do believe that as long as Tucker sticks with the treatment, he will definitely regain what he lost before. 


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