Nisha's Story

Nisha’s StoryNAME: Nisha


GENDER: Female

DIAGNOSIS: Diabetes, Diabetic Eye Diseases, Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)


Nisha experienced Diabetes for over 20 years. She only took medications as the doctor told to control her blood pressure. However, it progressed to serious condition anyway as time goes by. What’s worse, Nisha’s vision seemed began to lose day by day. The doctor she went to see told her it might because of her Diabetes affecting the eyes, “You’d better be prepared for the worst.”

“As I thought I would lose my vision someday, I shocked. And then I began to let my imagination take control of my actions. I depressed all day long and unhappy.” “I thought I couldn’t see my kids one day and that makes me cry my heart out.”

“I heard one of my friend told me stem cell can treat my problem. So I started to look for it. And after a long time survey, I decided to choose your hospital. ”


One round of umbilical cord stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells each, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, three times per day, 45min/time


“My eye began to feel itch, and my attending doctor told me it was a good sign. He comforted me because I thought it is progressing!”

“The doctor explained me how stem cells work for Diabetes and how they take effect in human body. They also told me the cells need some time to show results.”

“As I asked why still need Micro-Chinese Medicine? Dr. Wang said, because of my unfavorable internal environment, the traditional Chinese medicine could help create a good condition for the later Stem Cell Therapy. I know herb medicine very well, and we also have this in my country, but didn’t work well not like this. I feel comfortable after taking the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Now my blurred vision become much better and I no longer worry about I would blind someday.”


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