Alex Walker's Story

Alex Walker's StoryNAME: Alex Walker


AGE: 59 years old


DIAGNOSIS: Type 2 Diabetes, Chronic Renal Failure (CRF), Renal Anemia


Alex suffered from Diabetes for 20 years with newly diagnosed Chronic Renal Failure. The condition of his kidneys aggravated progressively in recent three years.

To make things worse, Alex developed pericarditis, gastritis and pulmonary congestion. He lived with various life-threatening diseases and complications for all those years, and he was already pretty weak as he hospitalized in our hospital.

Alex’s serum creatinine reduced from 8mg/dL to 4.4mg/dL after he was hospitalized in local hospital. However, the creatinine levels rebounded to 8.9mg/Dl on May 10, 2009. Under such circumstances, his doctor told him he had to perform dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Lab reports before treatments:

Creatinine: 8mg/dL, BUN: 26, blood glucose: 7.2, Chelosterol: 8.37, Triglycecide: 4.08(<2.26), LDL: 6.8.

START OF THE TREATMENT: November 19, 2010


Stem Cell Therapy: two rounds of umbilical cord stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 45 minutes per day, three times per day



With the great fear of his bad condition, Alex sought medical assistant from us. “I have to say it is really impressed me as I saw somebody holding a paper with my name written on it at the airport at midnight. With their help, the journey is pretty smooth and nothing to worry about.”

“As I got the diagnosis here, in this hospital, they analyzed my condition and chalked me out a detailed treatment plan. In the following days, my attending doctor comforted me, “your task is to get better and our job is to provide you the best as well as most suitable treatments for you. Anything you need, or you want, just ask.”

“As I received Stem Cell Therapy, I feel some amazing changes in my body. Before I took treatment, I had to inject insulin three times a day, but after receiving the treatments, two times a day and my blood sugar can be controlled well. What’s more, my numbness in legs greatly improved accordingly. ”

Alex’s condition got noticeable improvements. Most impressive changes in him were the reduced dosage of insulin and his numb legs and feet. “I was worried about whether I would develop diabetic feet or something else. Now I am so relieved.”


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