Clara's Story

NAME: Clara


AGE: 9 years old

GENDER: Female

DIAGNOSIS: Interstitial Nephritis, Chronic Renal Insufficiency 4 stage, Renal Anemia, hyperuricaemia


“Clara is my angel. I wanted a baby girl because our first kid, Clara’s brother

Mingo, got sick as he was little. Mingo developed Renal Failure in 2003. After two years dialysis didn’t work, he took kidney transplantation in 2005.” Abana said.

Mingo’s condition became stable since the surgery, and then Clara was born. The family was full of joy at that moment. Good things never go long. Clara was found high creatinine levels four months ago in May, 2011. I almost collapsed as I got the message. I was afraid that same thing would happen in both my kids.” Abana won’t sit by if she could do something about it, the belief brought her here.

START OF THE TREATMENT: September 28, 2011


One round of umbilical cord stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells each, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 45 minutes per day, three times per day


“Clara’s serum creatinine was 2.4m/dL as she just hospitalized. She snuggled up to me and laziness all the time. As other kids in other wards asked her to play, she always came back to me soon. I knew it was because she was easily tired instead of she was unwilling to play.

Abana came for because of our Stem Cell Therapy, but she didn’t expect there would be bonus—Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. “The nurse told me it is kind of traditional Chinese medicine. Yeah, old Chinese herbal medicine sounds like a legend. Really powerful, I mean.”

Clara wasn’t used to the weird herb smell. But after several days’ treatment, her small hands and feet began to sweat. I could tell she felt much better, not only her mental condition improved, but also her physical condition boosted. “Little Clara smiled a lot and liked to hang out with the cute nurses. She loved them, they are so kind!”

Noticeable improvements showed up shortly before we planned to discharge. “That was the 45 days after she received Stem Cell Therapy. Although the doctor told me it may not work so soon in her body, I am still very excited about that.”

Doctors, nurses and other staffs threw Clara a 10-year-old birthday party. “We ate cake, blew candles and got lots of gifts, Clara seems very happy. She didn’t become so happy for a long time.”

“Clara is so lucky. If Mingo was lucky enough just as Clara, he didn’t need kidney transplantation.”


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