Charlie Mokhtar's Story

NAME: Charlie Mokhtar


AGE: 65 years old


DIAGNOSIS: Chronic Renal Failure, Chronic Renal Insufficiency, high blood pressure


Charlie lived with hypertension for 20 years. He inherited it from his father. “I think little of it in the beginning. But after the vomiting, dizziness affects my daily life and my work, I started to took antihypertensive since then.”

Charlie experienced trouble with chest, vomiting and nausea in 2007, and was took to local hospital. The doctor said he had blocked heart arteries and made heart stent for him in 2008. “This was the very first time that I realized how close I am from death. It is horrified. Nevertheless, one accident happened and I had to take another stent the year after. This is terrible. My heart problem made me feel I could die anytime and I had to live with great care. But I felt worse and worse day by day.”

“Speaking of my kidney problems, it was nine years ago in 2002. I had difficulty of urination at first, when I want to pee but I can’t. After ran tests, doctor told me maybe my years’ high blood pressure affects the kidneys, nothing serious. So I didn’t care much.”

Charlie was worried about his heart problem all those years; he paid less attention to his kidneys. He began to experience weak, fatigue, and poor appetite in this August. “I began to worry and went to see doctor. He told me it was Renal Failure!” Charlie refused his doctor’s suggestion—dialysis or kidney transplantation after a well thought. “This is unacceptable! It is even harder for me to accept than my heart problem. In my country, I have to wait for no less than 10 years to get my kidney replaced. And dialysis? Go to hospital without a break? No, no, no!”

After he searched the Internet and found Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, he contacted with the doctor assistant for a while, “I believed this is exactly where I can go and trust. They can help me retrieve my kidney function! I want that!”

START OF THE TREATMENT: September 28, 2011


One round of umbilical cord stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells each, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 45 minutes per day


“The journey I went to China was much easier than I thought. The nurse and interpreter picked us up at the airport even it was late at night. They drove me to hospital directly. ”

After Charlie got enough rest, he was arranged several tests. “According to the lab reports, my attending doctor told me I was in a pretty serious condition. Because of my Renal Failure, lots of toxins and wastes accumulating in my body and placed me in an extremely dangerous situation. Besides, my blood pressure was in a very dangerous level. My doctor told me I may die from heart arrest, or bursting of cerebral vessels.”

“Stem cell was why I am here, but the bonus was the ancient Chinese Medicine. They didn’t give the same treatment as before in my country. I was received Chinese herbal medicines and it works well. No pain at all, I just need to lie down the bed. Two herbal medicine bags are placed in my waist. By this simple treatment, my high blood pressure was lowered! This is unbelievable!”

Charlie adhered to the treatments for one month, his condition got much better. “My doctor told me it’s a miracle that people like me don’t need dialysis. They will do anything to help me and I trust them just like trust my own family. ” “I thought it was a long distance from my country to China, plus, I can’t speak Chinese at all. But after one-month’s stay, I feel like this is my home in China.”

Charlie insists on receiving Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as he discharged, he went back to work and is getting better day by day!


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