Wang Kuan's Story

NAME: Wang Kuan

AGE: 53 years old

COUNTRY: Henan Province, China

DIAGNOSIS: Chronic Renal Failure (CRF), Renal Anemia


Mr. Wang thought he caught a cold and experienced fever in 2011. So he went to see doctor in the county hospital. The blood pressure was: 170/110mmHg back then. His doctor prescribed him some cold cures, and his body temperature lowered down to a normal level after taking pills. However, Wang Kuan felt powerless since then. As he went to the hospital once again, the lab reports revealed that protein and blood existed in his urine. The serum creatinine was 430µmol/L, and blood urea nitrogen was 32mmol/l.

Mr. Wang was diagnosed with CRF and then received treatments such as orally taking Chinese herbs and clysis to remove the toxins. All those approaches didn’t work but his symptoms deteriorated.


2 rounds of umbilical cord stem cells, 1 round of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), dialysis along with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

START OF THE TREATMENT: October 11, 2011


Wang Kuan hospitalized in Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital and was arranged several tests. According to the reports, he experienced a high progressive condition during the last couple months, that’s why the serum creatinine in his body was pretty high. Due to the serious condition, he had to receive hemodialysis in the very beginning. After the internal environment was created, the stem cells can be injected into his body to repair and replace the impaired cells or tissues.

By using hemodialysis, his high serum creatinine was under control and didn’t soar rapidly like before. Wang Kuan sweated while he was taking Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is a good sign because the skin expelled of toxins. His strength came back day by day. He was able to hang out now and then.

Mr. Wang’s spirit became better, he regained his appetite again. The anemia greatly relieved because of the treatments and good appetite. His serum creatinine decreased from 430µmol/L to 300µmol/L and then down to 70µmol/L in the end. It didn’t rebound even after the hemodialysis was stopped. Wang Kuan was on the road of recovery. Now he was able to help his wife cook or do some chores.


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