Josph Fourie's Story

NAME: Josph Fourie

AGE: 67 years old

COUNTRY: South Africa

DIAGNOSIS: Diabetic Nephropathy, Chronic Renal Failure, CRF


Mr. Josph experienced serious puffiness throughout the whole body for several years. He lived with Diabetes for over17 years and quite a lots complications accompanying with him for all those years. They tortured him and making day to day life more difficult. In order to solve the problem, he did received treatments in his own country, but failed eventually. To make things worse, his edema became more severe making him unable to walk or sit for long period. “I feel like I am a big balloon, ‘cause I gained weight from 68kg to 83kg.” Josph said.


2 rounds of umbilical cord stem cells, 1 round of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)

 Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

START OF THE TREATMENT: September 12, 2011


Soon after his first week of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Josph started seeing results. The first significant improvement he saw was the puffiness. It passed day by day and finally after half a month, he was able to stand up, bend over to pick things up and put on his shoes. Josph’s family members were glad to see the improvements. “Josph is a stubborn person, he didn’t want to rely on others, but he had to. This made him irritable and moody since then.” his wife, Lerato, said.

Another change we can see was his weight. Josph lost 15kg because his swelling disappeared and the healthy diet he was taken in our hospital. “It feels like I finally shake the heavy sandbag off! No shortness of breath, no annoying inconvenience anymore!” Josph was pretty satisfied with his condition.

He would carried on his treatments even after he discharged. “You need more time to see bigger improvements. One month is far from enough. The stem cells injected into your body still not work completely. They need you to help them provide a favorable internal environment.” Dr. Zhang exhorted Josph.


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