Cycnus Delis's Story

NAME: Cycnus(alias)


AGE: 44 years old

GENDER: Female

DIAGNOSIS: Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), CKD-4 stage (Chronic Renal Failure), Renal Anemia, Renal Hypertension


Cycnus was found PKD 24 years ago (1987) with no obvious discomfort. He found his urine was full of foam and bubbles 3 years ago in 2008.

Same things happened back in 2000. Cycnus’s mother, Delia, was died from this very same disease, which is a heavy blow to Cycnus until now. “This reminds me of my mum. Same situation came back just like eleven years ago, I depressed for a really long time back then. I don’t want to die from the same disease. This is the first thought popped out my head.”

Cycnus dashed into hospital and was told it was massive proteinuria, which is, of course, not a good sign. The doctors told Cycnus his only left options were dialysis and kidney transplantation. Cycnus didn’t want to live with these for the rest of his lives, so he surfed the Internet and found Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital.

Records before:

Hemoglobin: 10.7g/dL, occult blood: 2+, urea nitrogen: 20.75mmol/l, serum creatinine: 4.1mg/dL



Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 45 minutes per day for one and half month


Cycnus’s high serum creatinine started to decrease (3.5) after taking Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for three weeks. He was pretty excited about this major improvement in the lab reports.

Due to his Renal Anemia caused by PKD, he looked tallow-faced and always felt tiredness. Due to the fatigue, he’d rather stay in his ward instead of walking outside chatting with other patients in the lobby.

“I am not sure whether this decision is right or wrong, because I don’t know your hospital at all. But I asked my cousin, who is in China, he told me I can go because your hospital is one of the best specialized kidney disease hospitals across the whole country.” Cycnus told me honestly after achieving great improvements several days’ later.

The cysts magically disappeared after receiving Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. “I can see some of the cysts are shrinking by reading my lab reports. They become much smaller than before! My father even insisted to throw me a party for all these vast improvements.” He was pretty happy about this too.

As asked how’s the doctors and nurses in our hospital. His father, who is a little bit incommunicative person, said with a smile, “the best.” “They treat me very good!” Cycnus added.

Now I’m able to do whatever I want and no need to worry about my condition and my cysts would rupture anymore. Life now is what I just crave for and imagined many times in my dreams.”

“This hospital gave me this chance of recovery. Every other place they told me the only solution for me is wait for dialysis and kidney transplantation, nothing else. I believe every kidney patients want to avoid dialysis and kidney transplantation. That’s why you should give a chance to this hospital to improve your health and have a better life.”

Records after receiving treatments:

Occult blood: -, carbon dioxide: 19.9mmol/l, BUN: 18.64mmol/l (if you are interested in other records, feel free to ask our doctor on line for them! We’re here to help!)

Cycnus introduced his brother, who is also a PKD patient, to Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital on August 8, 2011.


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