Andrew, Chronic Glomerulonephritis, Indonesia

NAME: Andrew

COUNTRY: Indonesia

AGE: 27 years old


DIAGNOSIS: Chronic Glomerulonephritis, Chronic Renal Failure, Renal Hypertension and Renal Anemia


Andrew experienced a sore throat in December 2007 and was diagnosed with flu in a local clinic. The doctor prescribed him some oral taking medications later. Andrew felt discomfort after taking the drugs, so he cut the drugs off all by himself.

To make things worse, he started to have cramp, difficult breathing, and chest distress. Andrew was taken to the hospital immediately after that and re-diagnosed with renal dysfunction. He took hemodialysis shortly after the diagnosis.

Andrew transferred to Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore for further treatment in Feb. 2008 because the former treatments were not effective. Same diagnosis as before in this Singaporean hospital. He was received hemodialysis three times a week, with no obvious improvements.

Andrew fell over himself and couldn’t walk normally ever since. No further treatment from the hospital and he went to Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital for a more reliable treatment on April 28, 2008.


Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy twice a day for 2 months

Hemodialysis should be adhered to remove the high level of toxins in his body

Correct the Renal Anemia and electrolyte disorders during the treatment

Lab reports before taking any treatments from Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital:

Body Temperature: 36℃, BP: 130/80mmHg, urea nitrogen: 36mmol/L, serum creatinine: 13.1gl/dL (1158.24µmol/L), size of kidneys—left: 7.3×3.2×3.2mm, right: 6.5×3.1×2.8mm, cysts in right kidneys, 24-hour urine output: 560ml, 24-hour urine creatinine: 4117mmol/24hr.



Andrew experienced dizziness, blurred vision, weakness and poor spirit since he was diagnosed with the disease. He was depressed and seldom laughed. Andrew preferred to be alone instead of talking and chatting with others as his first ten days in the hospital.

The dizziness and blurred vision improved after ten-day-treatment. His urine output began to increase on May 6, 2008. Andrew sweated and ate more since the twelfth day. His urine color darkened and obvious sediment could be seen in the urine. He shook the dizziness and blurry vision off completely on May 20, 2008. The fatigue disappeared after month-long treatment. Unexpectedly, he could walk again finally!

With the great improvement and much better condition, Andrew decided to discharge after two months’ treatment. His serum creatinine and BUN reduced remarkably, which indicated enhanced kidney function day by day.

Lab reports before the discharge:

BP: 130/80mmHg, BUN (blood urea nitrogen): 7.06mmol/L, serum creatinine: 3.3gl/dL (296.12µmol/L), 24-hour urine output: 2200ml


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