Bali Desai's Story

NAME: Bali Desai


AGE: 29 years old


DIAGNOSIS: IgA Nephropathy stage V, high blood pressure (Hypertension)


Bali was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy on October 10, 2011. As he put it, “my serum creatinine was 1.8mg/dL one year back, but now it become 2.5mg/dL. I took pills just as my doctor said. And my BP is 180/100mgHg.”

Bali was received autologous and code blood cells transplant in his country, India in March 2012. After the transplant, Bali found his urine was still foamy and bubbly just like before. Good news is that his blood pressure did reduced to 130/85mmHg automatically.

Bali’s serum creatinine level soared from 4.2 to 6.1 in the past two months after he got flu. Obviously, Bali’s condition didn’t improve but deteriorate rapidly. What’s worse, the speed of the progressing of the disease is quicker than the repairing process of the stem cells. Under such circumstances, Bali sought for further treatment in China.

According to the lab report Bali sent in May 2012, his urine protein: 3+, serum creatinine: 6.1, urea nitrogen: 117, GFR: 13


According to his special condition, our top experts chalked him out an individualized treatment plan. We will deal with his flu first with our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Hemodialysis will be necessary because of the high serum creatinine level indicating a great deal of toxins building up in his body. The flu and the deteriorative internal environment make the stem cells failing to differentiate and do their job.

After all those fundamental work has been done, we will arrange him stem cell transplant if needed. Compared with the type of stem cells he received in India, our stem cells have stronger differentiation ability, which take effects with a shorter time and obvious effects.



Now Bali is hospitalizing in the international ward. His flu was cured in only a few days after the hospitalization. “It is unbelievable! I got could two months ago and lasted for a really long time. I took medications and saw my doctor, it didn’t work at all! After I came here, they gave Chinese medicines and now what? I am completely cured!”

Apart from this, Bali is also very satisfied with our service. “It was my mistake that I didn’t trust your hospital in the first time, so I chose another stem cell center in my own country. If I came here earlier, I won’t suffer all this.”

Bali is still in the process of our treatments. He is given a strict diet every day. The doctors check him no less than twice a day; his own nurse monitors his condition from time to time. For subsequent treatment effects, stay tuned for upcoming articles in this column.


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