Xiaoyu's Story

NAME: Xiao Yu


AGE: 36

GENDER: Female

DIAGNOSIS: Kidney Cyst, Renal Hypertension


Ms. Xiao was a successful businesswoman before. She lived a rich life, had her career and was satisfied with the life. However, things changed shortly after her 35 birthday party. Ms. Xiao suffered from backache for three months. She thought less of the symptom because she assumed it may be caused by the overwork. It is pretty normal for her because she worked over 15 hours per day.

Shortly after that, she found there was blood in her urine one day accidentally. To make things worse, she began to feel dizziness. Even after finding blood in urine, it took her another three months to see the doctor.

She was diagnosed with Kidney Cyst along with Renal Hypertension in December 2010. The cyst became pretty large right then. Ms. Xiao received Renal Cyst decortication to remove the cyst as the doctor suggested. The doctor promised her it will be eradicated.

Ms. Xiao got back to work shortly after the treatment. “I don’t pay much attention to my health because there’s always endless work waiting for me. I have to work like a dog.”

The disease didn’t be treated well. She began to experience much more serious backache several days after she discharged; she couldn’t work as her worst point. “Ironically, I thought I can marry work; truth is, my health dumped me. Health is the best thing and a blessing for us. Don’t cherish it until everything’s too late.”


Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 45min/time, 3times/day


Ms. Xiao went to Zhengzhou Kidney Disease in 2011. She met her future husband, Mr. Zhao, just before she came here. It was him, who took her to the hospital and then saved her life, not only physically, but also mentally.

The dizziness has been relieved greatly. And the Kidney Cyst, the major culprit for her dizziness and high blood pressure, has been shrunk significantly. Annoying backache and blood in urine has disappeared. Ms. Xiao had a well-conditioned mood since she got better day by day.

Another great news is Ms. Xiao and Mr. Zhang held them wedding right in Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital in June 2011. “I want this wedding unforgettable for both of us; moreover, this is one way showing my gratefulness to the doctors and nurses here.” wish all the lovers have a happy ending!


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