Louise Sommer,IgA Nephropathy, Germany

Life Before

A 26-year-old girl named Louise Sommer from Germany came to China in her very first time. The trip wasn’t for fun, but for treatments. Louise lives in a quite small city named Borkum Airfield. Everything goes well before she was told that she develops IgA Nephropathy one day. “How would that happen?” Louise can’t believe this and began to depressed and sullen. For no reason, ever since she was informed the disease, her condition grow progressively worse day after day. Only within 3 months, the IgA Nephropathy has developed Renal Failure. “This is pretty rare, I mean.” Her attending doctor said to her mother, “but it happens. My suggestion is dialysis.”

The Diagnosis

Louise Sommer came to Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital a few days after her diagnosis. This is mainly because Louise’s mother doesn’t believe that there’s no other approach in the world which can save her daughter’s life. After Louise hospitalized, our doctors run certain tests to assess the severity of her kidney damage. The diagnosis is same as before, difference is we do obtain a better way to deal with her disease.

Treatment from Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital

Immunotherapy is what we adopted. The therapy is on the basis of immunology, and coupled with Stem Cell Therapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. For the Stem Cell Therapy, it is able to repair and replace the damaged cells, tissues or even organs. While as to Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, it comes from traditional Chinese herbs, which can greatly dilate the blood vessels and remove the obstruction in blood.

Life Now

One obvious change for Louise is the disappearance of her foamy urine. She is no longer catch cold from time to time due to her poor immunity. “My palm even sweats! It feels great!” as Louise said after her ten-days using of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Small improvements appear day by day, and her mental condition takes a turn for better. The blood pressure decreases after taking Immunotherapy, and swelling disappears. “Everything will be just fine as the condition has worsened to the point. Don’t ever lose your hope to survive.” Louise’s mother told us.

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