Bojan's Story

Life Before

Bojan was born with ureterostenosis. He was performed four surgeries since then. The serum creatinine was 104umol/L as his first surgery was taken, but it didn’t decrease after the surgery. The condition relapse for all those years, and all the surgeries turn out with poor results. Before Bojan hospitalized in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital in May 2012, his serum creatinine increased gradually, and reached 322ummol/L in the worst. Acute Pyelonephritis occurred repeatedly in little Bojan.

The Diagnosis

Bojan was diagnosed with congenital malformations of ureter, CKD 4 stage (which is also called Renal Failure) and Renal Anemia.

Treatment from Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital

After the hospitalization, Bojan was arranged to run a series of tests, we also arranged him to run our featured tests called Uremic Seven Tests, in order to tell the severity of his condition and damage degree of his kidneys.

Bojan was received Stem Cell Therapy along with Micro-Chinese Medicine to deal with his disease. The Micro-Chinese Medicine is designed for kids. As for the stem cells, he received one time of mesenchymal stem cells and two times of umbilical cord blood stem cells.

The mesenchymal stem cells are mainly used for repairing mesangial cells and tissues, while the umbilical cord stem cells help repair blood vessels.

Life Now

Bojan still stays in our hospital now and is treated for almost 20 days. His father told us the greatest improvement in his son was his mental condition. Dr. Yang quite agrees with this point. “Bojan was pretty depressed as the first time I saw him. He is just 13 years old and has a long time to live. How this would happen?” Dr. Yang was worried about that, so he spends most of his spare time with this little guy and tries to cheer him up.

After all these days’ treatment, he begins to smile and become more talkative. Although Bojan is very shy, he is still a kid and love to play with other children. That’s why Nana becomes his best friends. They hang out all the time in the daytime. “I am so happy about that.” His father told us with smile.


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