Ms. Zhang's Story

Life Before

Ms. Zhang is 40 years old, she come from Shandong Province, China. Ms. Zhang develops Diabetes for almost 12 years. She had no obvious symptoms before and only takes medications to control the blood sugar. She and her husband went to seek medical assistant to Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital in March 2010 because the Diabetes affected her kidney function and the condition grew progressively worse in the past months.

Condition Before

Ms. Zhang was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 1998 and experienced thirst and diuresis for all those years. Her blood pressure topped 180/90mmHg in the worst time and maintained between 140/80-150/90mmHg by taking hypoglycemic agents.

Her serum creatinine was 127umol/L along with urea nitrogen 10.17mmol/L. Took medications to lower the creatinine and urea nitrogen with no result before. Fasting blood glucose: 1mmol/L,hemoglobin: 81g/L,glomerular filtration rate (GFR): 38ml/min (normal GFR is 80-120ml/min).

The Diagnosis

Diabetic Nephropathy induced by Diabetes

Treatment from Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital

We adopt Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to treat her Diabetic Nephropathy. The blood perfusion has been promoted after using the therapy. What’s more, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy dissolves and blocks the process of glomerulosclerosis. With the aid of lowering the blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipid and correct anemia, Ms. Zhang’s condition remains stable since then.

Tips from Our Experts:

The treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy should base on controlling the blood sugar and then adopt the treatment plan which combines with traditional Chinese medicines and western medicines. The comprehensive treatment plan deals with the disease from root cause and repair the damaged kidney cells. By doing this, protein in urine will disappear naturally and the condition won’t progress anymore.

Other suggestions include: follow a healthy diet, stay away from foods high in protein, salt and so on. Take enough rest, and do your best to avoid catching cold.

Moreover, Diabetics should always monitor their blood sugar from time to time so as to prevent the occurrence of Diabetic Nephropathy and other complications. Those with Diabetes, especially those with years’ of Diabetes should pay more attention to any of the changes in daily lives.

Taking routine urine tests and blood tests regularly is really necessary. If any of the suspected symptoms or changes occurs, do seek medical assistant from specialized kidney disease hospital instead of some random hospitals. Active prevention and timely treatment delivers Diabetics quality of life.

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Wish you all healthy!

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