Justin's Story

Justin Grace, a sunny boy who have held his birthday party a few days ago in Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital. His mother, Joanna, sat beside Justin and sang Happy Birthday.

“Things going well” said Joanna, “Justin smiles a lot and is a little bit shy, but he is very happy.” “I thought things will just run smoothly, John and I will watch my little son grow up and become a man. He will attend college and find a job after graduated, then get married with a pretty girl. ” however, things changed in December 2007, Justin experienced swelling with no known cause.

The Diagnosis

Justin and Joanna went to see the doctor the next day. After a few tests were taken, proteinuria represented: 2+-3+. Justin was diagnosed with Acute Nephritis. “They told us they can take care of it.” Joanna said, “but it turned out they couldn’t.” The local hospital used hormone to treat the swelling, 10 days later, the swelling disappeared and the protein in urine represented negative. Justin discharged from the hospital and thought that’s it. However, it came back only after three days later. After the relapse occurred several times without any improvements, Joanna decided to seek a more reliable treatment. Some of her friends recommended Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, and they chose to have a try.

Treatment from our hospital

Justin hospitalized on April 20, 2008. After taking some rest, Justin was arranged to run some certain tests for further diagnosis. He was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome and Chronic Renal Insufficiency. He received Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy along with certain western medicines, and got significant improvements shortly after that.

“Your doctor will check your condition no less than twice a day, and a pretty nurse would come back to ask how he felt. Doctors, nurses and other staffs here are amazing!” Joanna told her friends back in Miami.

Life Now

The old Justin come back all again! He plays with his friends, and cares almost everything around him. “My good boy is back. This won’t happen if we didn’t choose Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital. ” Joanna said with all her gratitude.

“I used to be pretty busy, and always spare no time with Justin and Joanna. After all this things, I finally realized how family matters. ”John told us. We celebrate Justin’s 5 years birthday party in the lobby and we all had fun in that very special night.

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