How Does Toxin-Removing Therapy Treat Swelling for Patient on Dialysis Naturally

Swelling is one of common complications of dialysis. Swelling is easy to relapse again and again if patient do not take proper treatments. It will affect your life significantly. How to relieve swelling fundamentally? In the following we will introduce the details about the natural treatment for swelling.

Olita is a uremia patient from Africa. She has been on dialysis for one and half years. Before dialysis her condition is not better with high blood pressure. After dialysis she lived a stable life for about one year even though the creatinine level did not show sharp decrease. However, this year, that is to say, after one year dialysis, her condition getting worse again. With skin severe itching, swelling and high blood pressure, the condition got worse than the beginning, dialysis is no working anymore for her.

The reason why she has serious complications is because there are too many toxins in her body deposited. Thus she must find alternative to dialysis. She searched internet and found our hospital. After several times talk with our renal expert, she agreed and believed our theory and toxin-removing therapy. She came to our hospital in two weeks preparation.

After she hospitalized in our hospital, we firstly arrange her to do examination to ensure what condition she has again. And then we applied comprehensive treatment including plasma exchange, CCRT, and most important is the Chinese medicine treatment according to her illness condition.

After three weeks’ treatment, she gradually reduced her dialysis times and high blood pressure also under control. What made her happy is that swelling feet and legs disappeared as well. She was amazed at the efficacy of Chinese medicine. Only some plant mixed and grinded into powder after boiling can treat kidney disease and expel toxins in body. She loved it. She said, when she was leaving the hospital, she would bring back some Chinese medicines to her country. Under the guidance of doctor, she took the treatment at home.

The curative effects not only need excellent treatments for patient, but also their cooperation during the treatment process. Best wishes to her, hope she live a better life.

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