Toxin-Removing Therapy for Uremia Patient on Dialysis

As we all know, uremia is the last stage of kidney disease, which patient has no choice but to do dialysis due to various severe symptoms. Do you want to get rid of it gradually and live high quality life? Please go on reading the following article.

Toxin-Removing Therapy for Uremia Patient on DialysisColvin is age of 43, from Guyana. He is a uremia patient with high creatinine level 943, fatigue, poor appetite, no urine, and sleep problem and so on. Before he came to our hospital, he had done dialysis three times a week. He felt weakness and fatigue, so that just could walk in a short time. He also could not sleep well at night. Due to dialysis, he could not produce urine.

Facing these complications of dialysis and damaged kidney, he has no choice but to wait kidney transplant like many other patients on dialysis. Fortunately, his younger sister saw our hospital website on Internet. After consulting the basic information about treatment, they came to China for treatment.

After he comes to hospital, we arrange him to do some special tests which can help renal experts know clearly what condition it is, what pathogenesis it has, and what degree it develops and so on. Then renal expert make unique treatment for him according to his condition. Systematic toxin-removing therapy is made for him, which first cleanse the toxins and waste materials in blood so as to provide clean internal environment for the further medication. The active Chinese medicine ingredients can be absorbed absolutely to the impaired kidney tissues and cells. This therapy includes Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Hot Compress, acupuncture, Medicated Bath, etc. with the improvement of the damaged kidney functions, some symptoms can be disappeared gradually.

After about four weeks, his appetite increases, fatigue disappears, sleep quality improves. His creatinine reduces to 839. Urine output is 400ml now from no urine volume. What is more, he reduces dialysis times from three times a week to two times a week. He even can walk for a long time in the water park around the hospital and does not feel tired at all. And he looks shining than before he takes medicines.

“I am very happy that you give me great chance to live high quality life without kidney transplant, because if I do not take this natural treatment, I may do kidney transplant for prolong my life. I want to thank my sister and my families as well as you. Thanks very much!” Colvin said.

We are also glad to see this satisfied result for him.

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