Natural Treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy Patient with Creatinine 736

Natural Treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy Patient with Creatinine 736Salim is a diabetic nephropathy patient on dialysis, who has 20 years history of disease. After he came to our hospital for Chinese medicine treatment, he was satisfied with the result, and saw the new hope of life.

When he came to our hospital—Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, he had symptoms of high blood pressure, anemia, and high creatinine level went up for 4 years. He told us he had been on dialysis three times a week. We gave him a complete check up, and the test showed his creatinine was 736 umol/L.

He was puzzled that why he had done dialysis, but there was no improvement of the condition, such as high creatinine level. In fact, majority patients on dialysis will have this condition, although you have been on dialysis, the symptoms do not disappear, but even elevate sometimes. That is because dialysis only can remove the toxins and waste materials in the blood in short time, but it can not repair damaged kidney tissues and lesion. Once the diseased kidneys aggravate continuously, creatinine or other levels will not decrease but elevate.

Therefore, the key of treatment should focus on controlling blood sugar and repair damaged kidneys. Our expert team makes unique treatment plan for him--Toxin-removing Therapy, which based on Chinese herbal medicines. Through extending blocked blood vessels, improving blood circulation, damaged kidney tissues gradually can be repaired.

Through 18 days treatment, the condition had obvious improvement, blood pressure lowered to 140/90 mmHg, anemia release and creatinine reduced to 606 umol/L. With the further treatment, it has chance to reduce times of dialysis gradually and even get rid of it. But it turns on our effort together.

Hope he can improve his condition and achieve his goal soon. Best wishes to him!

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