Serious Feet Swelling and High Blood Pressure Disappear with Chinese Medicine for Patients on Dialysis

Serious Feet Swelling and High Blood Pressure Disappear with Chinese Medicine for Patients on DialysisThis is a patient on dialysis with serious feet swelling and high blood pressure when he came here. Due to the poor treatment technology in his local hospital, he had no urine output after doing several times dialysis. But now he is satisfied with the recent treatments he takes.

Condition Description:

The patient comes from Guyana with renal failure. He has serious feet swelling, poor appetite, and high blood pressure. At first, he brought the goal of getting rid of dialysis or reducing the times of dialysis. But after our expert analyzed all of his report to him, he expressed that he never known clearly about kidney disease until this time expert told him. He says, “There is no one doctor could tell me the causes of kidney disease and what stage it is in now, as well as prognosis.” “I just know the only choice for my condition is to do regular dialysis or kidney transplant from my local doctor, which is the only information I know about kidney disease.”

Curative treatment:

We make unique Chinese medicine treatment plan for him. After ten days’ complete treatment, we give him reexamination, which report shows the condition has been improved gradually, including increased urine output, controlled high blood pressure, poor appetite relief. Serious swelling also disappears so that he can walk freely.

This patient is extremely satisfied with the result. He said he never saw his blood pressure was in stable condition like this for ten years. Of course, as for renal failure patients on dialysis, if you want to reduce the times of dialysis or improve life quality, it is necessary for you to insist on our treatment under the guidance of doctor. About this, he also agrees with us, and says, “No problem, I will.”

We are also glad for him and hope he achieve his goal soon.


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