Curative Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome Patient with Serious Swelling

Curative Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome Patient with Serious SwellingThis young white and beautiful girl is 24 years old from Russia. From the first picture, what can you find? Yes, we can see the swelling on her face, arms, and feet. This picture is we first saw her in our hospital. Can you guess what happens in the following?

She is a nephrotic syndrome patient with serious swelling as we seen on the picture. At that time, her weight was 62.1 kg. After experts making treatment for her, she kept active attitude and insisted on the treatment. Seven days later, the swelling symptom disappears gradually and blood pressure is controlled well. Her weight decreases to 53 kg now.

We are happy for her! If she takes treatment continuously, we do believe her condition will be better and better.

If you are also diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome or want to know more details about the treatment for reducing swelling, welcome to leave message below, or contact online doctor, or send us email to and write down your phone number here for further communication with you directly.

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