The Toxin-Removing Therapy Reduce High Creatinine for Hypertension Nephropathy Patient

High creatinine means that the kidney function has been impaired, so that the wastes and toxins can not be discharged from the kidney and blood. So as a kidney disease patient, you should be treated timely and in case the condition becomes serious. How to reduce high creatinine level?

The Toxin-Removing Therapy Reduce High Creatinine for Hypertension Nephropathy PatientMrs. Dang is a high blood pressure nephropathy patient. Her creatinine increased fast half a year ago, and the family almost gave up. Because they treat the disease in many hospitals, but the effects are not obvious, even creatinine increased. Luckily, she heard the curative treatments in our hospital. She went to our hospital and wanted to have a try.

Our doctor gave her a complete examination before making the specific treatment plan. Here we gave her the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine therapy. First, we clean up the toxins and waste in blood and kidney inherent cells, so that providing a good condition to the medicines. The Chinese medicines have the effects of expanding blood vessels, improving blood circulation, providing nutrition to the kidneys and gradually repairing damaged kidneys and recovering kidney function. As long as the kidney function recovery, creatinine level will reduce naturally.

Through about half and two months’ treatment, all the indexes have been reduced. Her creatinine reduced from 910 to 716, now dropped to 532; 24 hours urinary protein quantitative from 1.96 to 0.95. He was very satisfied with this result. Now Mrs. Dang is doing physical therapy actively and happily, I believe she will discharge soon!

This is the curative effect of the toxin-removing therapies for high blood pressure nephropathy patient. If you want to know more information about our therapies or other kidney diseases treatments, please feel free to contact us.

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