I Treated My Nephrotic Syndrome Well in China

Nephrotic Syndrome, Chinese therapyHi, my name is ABEER and I am from Saudi Arabia. I have been suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome for three years though I am only 35 years of age. I have to say this trip to China for Chinese therapy can be amazing.

Before came to China, my creatinine level increased to 610umol/L, BUN level was 22.6mmol/L and hemoglobin level was 99g/L, I felt so weak and did not want to eat anything. However, the worst thing was my doctor had already recommended me dialysis treatment. I really did not want to experience dialysis treatment, there are some friends who are on dialysis around me, and I know and understand what dialysis is all about to them. I do believe that there must have alternative to dialysis treatment, so I came to China for different Nephrotic Syndrome treatment.

In China, I received systemic Chinese therapies and they include oral Chinese herbal medicine, medicated bath, foot bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and so on. After one week of treatment, I felt not that tired and began to want to eat foods. You know what? After one month of treatment of these Chinese therapies, my creatinine decreased to 369umol/L from 610umol/L, BUN level decreased to 19.5mmol/L from 22.6mmol/L, and hemoglobin level increased to 114g/L from 99g/L. I know I have already avoided dialysis and kidney transplant effectively.

I hope all of the patients with Nephrotic Syndrome or other types of Chinese therapies could get benefits from Chinese therapies. They can really help you live a normal life without dialysis and kidney transplant.


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