Never Delay The Treatment for Your Polycystic Kidney Disease

Never Delay The Treatment for Your Polycystic Kidney DiseaseName: Morgan

Nationality: India

Age: 43

Diagnosis: Polycystic Kidney Disease, End Stage Renal Disease

Medical history

“ When I was young, I know I was different with other people for I was attacked with the genetic Polycystic Kidney Disease. But I live normally like the common people, except the strict lifestyle and diet plan. ”

“Until, last year,I was bothered by back pains and weakness when I have a movement for a long time. So I went to see a doctor, but my doctor told me that the cysts are too small to accept surgery treatment and there is not medicine for the Polycystic Kidney Disease, so I only can take some medicines to decrease the pains. But the pains seems got more and more serious and suffer symptoms such as high blood pressure, blood urine and so on after several months, I have to have a further diagnosis, finally I was told that the cysts has get rupture and infected and renal insufficient has occurred. ”

Traditional Chinese Treatment

“ I was introduced to China to accept the Traditional Chinese Treatment, but before I came here, I have stepped into End Stage Renal Disease, the kidney function indicators is very high. But the treatment effect is really surprised me after somedays’ Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is effective on shrinking these cysts and controlling cysts growth. The doctor told me with much blood perfusion flowing into kidney smoothly, I can get rid of these symptoms from root. I would love to accept the next treatment. I was so regret giving up to look forward a new treatment in the earlier stage of my disease, so I have to bear so many pains. Polycystic Kidney Disease patients never delay their treatment. ”

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