David's Story

Since 1998, David has been diagnosed with diabetes. He took drugs or insulin injection to control his blood sugar and tried his best to have a healthy diet. He persisted on doing that and fortunately everything has gone well in his life and work.

He has two children who are studying in university now. David is proud of his girl and boy. He and wife Helen are looking forward to their retirement, which is in a few years. “I have such a happy family and I love all of them.”

Diagnosis for David

For more than ten years, David always had taken examinations regularly in order to prevent other complications as the doctor told him. In July 2009, test reports always showed that protein presented in his urine, which indicated that he had kidney disease already. He had received treatment in local hospital for almost two years. However, his condition got worse and he found foams in urine and eyelid swelling. Unfortunately his condition progressed quickly and needed to take on dialysis.

“I was disappointed to the treatment which I received. My local doctor told me that I had to take on dialysis to sustain life. How terrible it is!” David was not going to accept that. Surfing on the internet, he found Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital and wanted to have a try.

Treatment in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital

“Long-term changes of blood sugar would lead to the damage of kidney tissues. David’s condition was very uncommon for the kidney disease progressed so quickly, so his local doctor recommended him to take on dialysis.” Said David’s doctor. ”He came to us for avoiding dialysis. With our expertise and experience we can remove the toxic substances from the body with the help of micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy and repair the kidney and pancreas tissue by using cell therapy in order to keep a normal level of creatinine.”

With his son, he hospitalized in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital for one month. He received immunotherapy, micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy, cell therapy which all are the individualized treatment in our hospital. His creatinine level had been reduced greatly and his kidney function also had improved, so he was very satisfied with the treatment. The individualized therapies made his dream come true and he has not take on dialysis until now.


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