Robert's Story

Since the second half of 2010, Robert’s condition had worsened quickly due to nephritis. Only one year later, his creatinine level rose to 4.8mg/dl, he was diagnosed with renal failure or ESRD. In September 2011, his doctor recommended him to take on dialysis in order to prevent from inducing other diseases especially the heart and nerve disease.

With his father’s death from renal failure still fresh on his mind, Robert thought,” I would die if I have no effective treatment.” He did not want to waiting death during the dialysis which also brought much torture for him.

“What should I do?” he often asked himself. He has a happy family. His wife and two sons were sad to see he suffered a lot. He needed a new and effective therapy to improve his life quality. During seeking on the internet, he found Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital.

Treatment for Robert

“After knowing more about his job and life, we thought that fatigue and unhealthy diet may be the main cause of his quickly worsening condition. When he went to hospital, his creatinine level is 5.2 mg/dl and need dialysis twice a week.” His doctor said.” Under the premise that we must make sure to drop down creatinine level with dialysis, we give him our individualized therapy to repair his kidney tissues, such as micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy, medicated bath, and cell therapy. Once his kidney tissues are recovered, the toxic substances, such as creatinine, can be discharged by kidneys. After two month treatment, his creatinine level was 3.2 mg/dl and he needed dialysis once a month. We hope he can continue using our therapy for several months at home, he is possible to cast off dialysis.”

Life now

Robert insisted to use the medicine we send to him in order to promote stem cells to grow quickly in his body. Now his creatinine level is only 2.1mg/dl and he has already stopped dialysis. He can go to work and do some sports as usual.

I am so lucky to receive the treatment and I get a new life now.” Robert told us via telephone.


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