Special Letter and Touching Story of Renal Failure Indian Patient

Shrihari suffered from IgA Nephropathy in 2005. Unlike other patients with this disease, his condition progressed rapidly. He developed into Renal Failure just within only a few years. Shrihari’s doctor told him there’s no other choice except from dialysis or kidney transplantation. “I would rather die than take both this treatments.” Shrihari was so stubborn and his family could do nothing except watching his condition went down and down day by day.

“Thanks for my mother, she didn’t give up and still kept on searching for effective treatment from Internet. Hard work pays off. She found stem cells in China and the lady, Jessica, who stayed in touch with her explaining and analyzing everything for her. My mother thought that was it, this treatment could save my father’s life. So she began to talk to him. You know what? My mother is a lawyer and she is a tough lady. After two months’ efforts, my father surrendered finally.” Their son Tushar said.

Special Letter and Touching Story of Renal Failure Indian PatientA thanks letter was sent to Jessica from Ahalya, the patient’s wife. Now Shrihari and Tushar stay in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital for Shrihari’s treatment.

“They injected me stem cells and treat me with, what you called? Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. To be honest, I feel much better than before. You know I am quite a conventional person and a little stubborn. I don’t talk much, but I have to say, their treatment makes feel good.”

The dropsy in lung of Shrihari had disappeared after one-month treatment. He freed from shortness of breath, chest distress and difficulty in breathing. What’s worse, he tended to shuffle and drag his legs rather walk. “Now? Although I walk slow, I can walk with a rather stable steps.”

We sincerely hope the stem cells will work well in his body and he will recover and regain his kidney function day by day.

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