What We Can Do for Our Fathers on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in United States. It is the right time to express our love and thanks to our fathers, who give of himself for the whole family all these years. Of course, word is far from enough, action indeed in needed. To those fathers who develop kidney disease,  what can we do to help relive their suffering as much as possible? For those who don't get the disease, become a doer to let them realize basic knowledge about Kidney Disease.

Kidney disease becomes the third biggest killer closely followed after heart disease and cancer. It raises the risk of death, stroke, heart attack, and causes anemia and malnutrition as well as Renal Failure. That’s why the disease draws more and more people’s attention in recent years, and also the reason why it is needed to prevent, detect, and treat it early.

With the life standards improving day by day, more and more fathers’ are suffering from high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood glucose. Those three factors become the threats imperiling our fathers’ life security. What exactly are the damages?

Kidney capillary arteriole shows marked hyalinization as people get old. What’s worse, it would progress to Cirrhosis gradually, which is one of the root causes accounting for declined kidney function and Renal Failure. Hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperglycemia aggravate the progression of renal tubular atherosclerosis, and reduce the kidneys’ filtering ability. Consequently, Chronic Renal Insufficiency or even End-stage Renal Failure occurs.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) impairs the men’s health exclusively. The disease represents an increasing incidence trend in line with growing age. The morbidity reaches up to 80% from the age of 60 to 80. It seriously disturbs their life quality and is responsible for the occurrence of kidney diseases.

By knowing the symptoms of BPH, they can be detected in initial stage and received treatments timely. The common symptoms of the BPH are: low fever, fatigue, poor appetite, frequent urination at night, enuresis and urinary incontinence etc. If you experience the symptoms aforementioned, you’d better see your doctor as early as possible. If left untreated or poorly controlled, urine retention, repeated infection, hydronephrosis or even Renal Failure will happen and finally lead to death.

Care your father, starting from caring his kidney health is a pretty wise choice. Pay more attention to their daily lives and take him getting treatments if any kind of kidney disease occurs.

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