Protect Kidney, Care Life - World Kidney Day

Protect Kidney, Care Life - World Kidney DayThe 9th World Kidney Day will be hold on March, 13, 2014. By now, the festival has played an important role in the awareness of knowing kidney disease importance. The theme of 2014 World Kidney Day is "prevention and treatment for elderly patients with Chronic Kidney Disease".

What is World Kidney Day?

World Kidney Day is established in 2006, the idea comes from International Society of Nephrology(ISN) and International Federation of Kidney Foundation. It is set up on the second Thursday in March.

The core objection of the festival is to make people keep a good understanding of Chronic Kidney Disease and related Cardiovascular Diseaseļ¼Œsince the incidence and mortality of these diseases are quite high. So, people should realize that the early detection and prevention for the disease are the primary issues require being solved in globe.

What is the purpose of 2014 World Kidney Day?

On this day, all the renal medicine specialist from China including Zheng Falei, Wang Zhigang, etc will come to Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital to hold a consultation for free.

Most importantly, these experts will provide consultation for these foreign patients and domestic patients in our hospital and provide some effective treatments volunteered.

In this way, it can reduce the pain for patients both in physical and material, it is beneficial to control the illness condition and improve the quality of life. If you want to get free help from these experts, send an email to to get more info, or you can also contact with our online doctors to make an appointment now.

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