Foreign Affairs Office of Hebei Province and City Paid a Visit to Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital

Foreign Affairs Office of Hebei Province and City Paid a Visit to Huaxia Kidney Disease HospitalForeign Affairs Office of Hebei Province and City came to visit Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, inspected and guided our work in March, 6th, 2014. They aimed at supervising the foreign guests reception and ensuring the curative effects. What’s more, they provided convenience for patients coming to Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital.

Firstly, they visited the International Department of our hospital, and read the thanks letter from patients carefully. In the meanwhile, they learned the treatment course, nursing service, interview of patients and they were deeply touched by our hospital’s detail and service.

Next, they visited the wards, and they were surprised to the complete and convenient facilities. By now, Huaxia kidney disease hospital have received more than 600 foreign patients from 64 countries.

From the photos between patients and doctors, visitors praised our comprehensive service. From the gifts that received from patients, director Zhao of Foreign Affairs Office said: these precious gifts indicate that patients are satisfied with our service. In addition, they were surprised to the advanced technology and facilities in our hospital.

Last, the leaders acknowledged our dialysis chamber. They were interested in the advanced Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy and praised the scale of dialysis chamber. Besides, director Zhao commended the authoritative effect in our hospital.

With the trust and expectation of patients, all the doctors and nurses in Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital will do our best to help more patients.

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