Yemeni Patient Discharged from Our Hospital

Yasser, our patient from Yemen, discharged from Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital on June 7, 2012. All the experts, including Yasser’s attending doctor, nurses as well as other staffs in international department saw them off this morning.

Yasser’s cousin Ahmed, packed up early in the morning. The nurses along with the doctors helped him voluntarily. Yasser sat on his bed talking with Dr. Li, his attending doctor, “you know what? I am unwilling to go.” said Yasser. His cousin heard this and answered, “He likes you very much, he thought you are patient and have good expertise. You take good care of him and his condition, making him feels like home!” That’s so sweet! Doctors and nurses on the scene were all being touched deeply.

Head nurse walked in the ward and told them it’s time to go. Several young doctors carried the luggage out of the ward, closely followed Yasser and Ahmed. I could tell how reluctant he was because I saw a strong nostalgia in his eyes!

Out of the ward, Yasser showed us his cane again. He introduced us it is made in China. He also admired and highly praised the intelligence of Chinese people. “I love it very much, that’s why I take it everywhere.” Yasser explained.

Yasser admired the Chinese culture very much, “I know something about Chinese herbs medicines and Chinese long history, how can I say, they are miraculous as well as remarkable”. “I told Ahmed I want to go China for treatment in the very first time, Ahmed heckled. He doesn’t trust a random hospital overseas can treat me. It is mainly because there’s a long distance and most of the people have no idea of the authenticity of your hospital, but it is understandable.” After talking about why he would choose us, he said, “You know I took treatments in my country for years, but with poor results. That’s why I surfed the Internet and found your hospital. Three reasons that I believe you: one, no charge before hospitalization; two, patient care and special consultation held for me; three, you gave me a clear information, took me step by step, saved my time and solved the inconvenience for me. I appreciated the efforts and services very much.”

“The only regret is the TV. The programs you provide is great, but I want to watch News about my own country. You know it’s a long distance, I need to know what’s happening over there.” Yasser told me honestly as I asked his opinions about where we need to improve.

“You all are just like my family, you know? I don’t want to leave. I will come back three months later to see you again!” Yasser sat in the car and waved goodbye to us. Wish them a happy voyage!

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