Bojan's First Children's Day in China

June 1 is Children’s Day, which is a special day for all the children in the world. Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital holds a big party for all the kids in this morning.

It is very special especially for Bojan, who is a Serbian little boy suffering from CKD 4 stage. Bojan's a little bit shy, he don’t talk too much with us. However, he speaks a lot with a close friend of him in international ward named Nana.

“Did you ever attend a party celebrated just for children?” I asked him, “No, never.” Bojan told me. I can tell from his face how he was so excited about this, so did his father, Evan.

There are a lot of kids over there. Those little patients are all the inpatients in the hospital. Some of them have already recovered and are invited to attend the party, while some are still in the hospital and receiving treatments. A boy named Qi request strongly to go to the party even he is during the transfusion. It’s been too long for those cute kids to enjoy themselves in such a fun party!

The last part of the party is to deliver gifts. All the children receive their own free gifts from the hospital, they are very happy about this.

We also invite three pairs of kid and parent to the scene. These three kids receive treatments in our hospital and recovered. The second mother even cries as she shares the experience of treating her son for years. The son, a 4-year-old boy also cries. It was really impressive and moving.

Since one get sick, what one desires most is no longer the money, reputation or something else, but the health. In this very special day, I sincerely wish all kids and their parents healthy!

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