Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital Is Invited to Participate in National Day Reception of UAE Embassy in China

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates national day, UAE Embassy in China held National Day Reception in Beijing on Nov. 29, 2016. About 300 friends from all walks of life of Sino-Arab attended the ceremony, including Representative of UAE Embassy Muhammad Alshamisi, deputy Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhang Ming, and representatives of the related departments of government, businesses, and media. Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital is the first representative of medical institutions to attend this ceremony.

Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital Is Invited to Participate in National Day Reception of UAE Embassy in China

Representative of UAE Embassy in China Muhammad Alshamisi said in his speech that UAE is the most important partner in the strategy implementation of “One Belt and One Road” of China. Under the background of transformation and upgrading of economic development between the two countries, both sides should make joint efforts to tightly grasp the opportunity, continue to push Sino-Arab policy communication, trade smooth flowing and people’s hearts connected with each other, seek the well-being for the people, and share prosperity with the rest of the world.

Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital has 30 years of clinical experience engaging various kidney diseases, such as CKD, PKD, Renal Failure, etc. For a long term, our hospital has treated lots of kidney disease patients from UAE and has built warm friendship and communication with UAE Embassy in China during applying visa, handling insurance and promoting traditional culture of the two countries.

Apart from UAE patients, there are also many patients from other countries, like Pakistan, USA, Australia, India, Russia, Switzerland, Philippines, Uganda, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, British, New Zealand and Malaysia and other more than 70 countries.

With the trust and expectation of patients, all the doctors and nurses in Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital will do our best to help more patients through creating comfortable and warm International Environment for patients and making curative treatments.

At last, Ms. Liu Pan is in charge of International Department who lead the medical team to attend this ceremony. She said, “After communicating with the representatives of UAE, Tanzania, and other countries’ embassy in China, we have further understanding about the hospital and the policies of education, culture and health care in other countries. Our hospital will provide excellent service based on higher medical service level for kidney disease patients from UAE and other countries.”

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