Chairman of Islamic Association in Hebei Province Came to Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital for Visiting Muslim Patients

Chairman of Islamic Association in Hebei Province Came to Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital for Visiting Muslim Patients

Hui guizhi, vice chairman of Islamic association in Hebei Province came to Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital for visiting recently. He talks with Muslim patients at home and abroad in this hospital and thumbing up for the convenience and high quality service, which is supported by all staffs in this hospital.

Chairman introduced: Jumah, Friday of the Muslim week and the special noon service on Friday that all adult, male, free Muslims are obliged to attend. Every time, muslin patients in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital will attend.

In International Department of the hospital, Muslim patients can receive better service. Here, they not only arrange a Muslim Arabic translation for every patient, but also support a kitchen for them according to their diet habits. In addition, this hospital would prepare celebration for them in advance, this kind of humanization and caring service got domestic and foreign patients’ accordant compliment.

According to Ms Liu Pan-- the director of International Department in our hospital introduced, we always adhere to the idea of health and humanization to respect the different nations and religion. Considering the foreign patients can not understand what we say during the treatment and their daily life, we specially provide translator for them, so as to avoid the problems in communication and life, let patients feel ease to accept treatment, and help the condition recover soon.

“Doctor will make different menu for me according to my eating habits every day,” A patient of International Department from Arab said. During the treatment in hospital, he can not only eat foods he likes, but also chat and walk with Moslem brothers holding the same beliefs. “I am very grateful for these services what you provide for our Moslem brothers, you are so considerable.”

After this visit, chairman Hui said that he appreciated our hospital which has done to respect religion. He also expressed Traditional Chinese Culture will be spread farther and farther, along with the implementation of “One Belt And One Road” strategy and the continuous development of Chinese Trade. “Middle East lies in the center of the Silk Rode Economic Belt, where Chinese cultures are very popular. If conditions allow, Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital can build a hospital with Chinese medicine characteristic in Middle East. Let Chinese medicines benefit more and more people in need all over the world.”

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