Anorexia in Nephrotic Syndrome: Cause and Treatment

Nephrotic Syndrome patients often suffer from anorexia, known as poor appetites. A long time of anorexia can lead to a series of health problems, such as malnutrition, hypoimmunity, nervous disorders and so on. So how to increase appetites is one of most common questions Nephrotic Syndrome patients curious about. After the detailed analysis about the cause of poor appetites, we will introduce you our special treatment for it.

The cause of anorexia in Nephrotic Syndrome

1. When people are attacked by Nephrotic Syndrome, their immune systems also can be influenced. In addition, the injured kidney fail to excrete the toxins out of body, so the toxins can easily damage the gastrointestinal tract, leading to poor appetite.

2. When there is not enough zinc or iron in body, it will lead to thyroid hypofunction. This is one reason why patients suffer poor appetite.

3. Acidosis is a serious complication of late stage kidney disease and it also can cause anorexia.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Nephrotic Syndrome

Patients suffer so many symptoms and complications due to the injured kidney and lots of extra elements retention in blood. So if patients want to get rid of these problems from root, cleaning the wastes and improving the kidney function are the key.

1. Steaming therapy: after expending the blood vessel of skin, the active substances in medicine can penetrate into body to promote the blood circulation and dissolve the blood stasis, improving the blood flow condition.

2. Medical bath therapy: the medicine has the the function of draining the toxins out of body through sweat and urine.

3. Hot compress therapy: it is a kind of external application medicine which can expend the blood vessel, promote blood circulation to remove blood clots and crash the toxins in blood, improving the condition of kidney hypoxic-ischemic, blocking the ultra immune response in kidney and stopping the renal fibrosis process.

4. Oral Chinese herb medicine: it can absorb the toxins in blood and crash them. Finally, the wastes can be metabolized with the blood flow.

There are also other alternative therapies for Nephrotic Syndrome patients according to their specific physical condition. And these therapies form a systemic treatment with the purposes of cleaning the toxins in blood, keeping blood circulation normal and ensuring the blood flowing into kidney pure, so that the complications and symptoms can be cured and kidney function can be improved.

Anorexia is not a small problems for Nephrotic Syndrome patients, a timely treatment is very necessary. And if you are interested in our treatment, you can contact our online doctors or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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