How to Eliminate Proteinuria for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Kidney diseases can be diagnosed with many clinic symptoms, for example blood urine, swallow, back pain, headache and so on. Several days ago one Nephrotic Syndrome patient consulted the natural treatment for proteinuria in our website . If you have similar problems, perhaps this article can help you.

Our body produces wastes everyday and Kidneys play the role excreting these toxin and wastes. A healthy kidney can do this job very well. But once the kidneys are damaged and epithelial cells get injured, the glomerular’s filtration ability and tubules’s concentrate function can not work as usual, in other words, mechanical barrier and charge barrier function have been severely injured. Then the proteins in blood leak out from vessels, then flow into urine. This is what we say proteinuria. So when we go to the toilet we can see foamy urine.

Then how to help Nephrotic Syndrome patients eliminate proteinuria naturally?

Perhaps when you go to see a doctor, they will recommend you some medicines which can ease the proteinuria to a certain extent, but these medicines nearly can do nothing to the damaged kidneys.

Luckily, a kind of new treatment named TCM treatment is widely used in reducing proteinuria. TCM is short for traditional Chinese medicine, just as its name meaning, this treatment is based on traditional medicine. Cycle therapy, hot compress therapy, foot bath therapy, full bath therapy, enema therapy, oral Chinese Medicine therapy, moxibustion therapy are included. Each of seven therapies has its own advantages and forms the system by itself. Related and complemented to each other, they form an organic stereoscopic system of therapy. According to these treatments, we can repair the kidney damage and improve kidney function. There is no doubt that the proteinuria will be naturally reduced after the kidneys can work normally again.

If you are also suffering from proteinuria and interested in eliminate it by these TCM treatments, you can connect the online doctor directly or email to We experts will reply you within 24 hours.


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