Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome with Creatinine Level 5.6

Nowadays, Chinese Therapy is regarded as the most efficient treatment for nephrotic syndrome with high creatinine level. As a patient with Nephrotic Syndrome, if you are suffering from creatinine level 5.6 or similar levels, follow us to learn about how to deal with Nephrotic Syndrome with creatinine level 5.6.

Why creatinine level 5.6 happens to Nephrotic Syndrome patients?

Actually creatinine level 5.6 and other high creatinine levels are likely to happen to any types of kidney diseases, as long as the kidney function is impaired. Also creatinine level 5.6 can tell your Nephrotic Syndrome has already developed to stage 4 kidney failure.

The key point to lower creatinine level 5.6 for Nephrotic Syndrome

Patients should know that creatinine level 5.6 and other high creatinine levels are caused by the kidney damage and impaired kidney function. Once the kidneys are unable to work normally, toxins and wastes will build up in the body. So the key point to lower creatinine level 5.6 is not to follow healthy diet suggestions, but to make kidneys work normally again.

Efficient treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome with creatinine level 5.6

More and more foreign patients come to China to try Chinese Therapy. There are many types of Chinese Therapy in China, and it is really a good thing that patients around the world can get benefits from Chinese Therapy.

Medicated bath, oral Chinese herbal medicines, herbal enema therapy, circle therapy will be used to help eliminate toxins; hot compress therapy, foot bath and acupuncture are used to help improve kidney function and enhance immunity. If necessary, the advanced blood purification techniques like plasma exchange, immune adsorption, hemoperfusion, etc will be used to help remove those macromolecular toxins to avoid other obvious complications.

We dare to say the treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome you receive in your country does not include those aspects. If you are interested in lowering your creatinine level 5.6 through Chinese Therapy, email us to or leave us a message below, we are glad to help.


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