How to Treat Proteinuria Effectively in Nephrotic Syndrome

For patients with Nephrotic Syndrome, they are usually detected with proteinuria, swelling, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipemia. And today we are mainly on the treatments for protein in urine. Read on and you can find the answer.
How to Treat Proteinuria Effectively in Nephrotic Syndrome

Healthy kidneys can help excrete metabolic products and toxins out of the body. And in normal condition, the proteins are too big too pass through the filters. Among those patients, due to the damage of glomerular capillary membrane, protein in urine is more likely to occur. If not treated timely, it may progress into kidney failure. Therefore, effective treatment is very important.

How to treat proteinuria in nephrotic syndrome?


In most cases, corticosteroids and immunosuppressive drugs can be used to refrain the inflammatory response and reduce the leakage of protein in urine. However, long-term use may cause some side effects.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Based on TCM, this therapy has obtained good curative effects in treating proteinuria. By promoting blood circulation, anti-inflammation and providing nutrient substances for the damaged kidneys. The impaired renal function can be relieved to a large degree.

It is convenient, comfortable and without side effects. If you are interested in the herbal list, you can choose to send us your medical and our experts will provide you an individualized herbal list.

Except for effective treatments, moderate intake of protein can also help delay its progression. As the illness condition varies, patients should ingest different amounts of protein. For more detailed suggestion, please feel free to consult with our online doctor.

If you have been diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome and proteinuria, we are always here to help. Any questions about this topic, please leave us message below. Best wishes!


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